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You are understand I ground meaning?"The leaf floats to sink a point to stir to say.He is to hardly say these words ground to a younger generation at ordinary times.The Xun scolds severals this time.Also not is didn't development ground meaning.
"I am understand."Leaf's tiger promises very in earnest.
In the mind but is just thinking, is behaviour and manner in dealing with others also philosophy?What is that philosophy again?
However is let to two uncles he and leaf the autumn become intimate with of the words agree very deeply, disciple which ability on bed terms teacher become intimate with of?If teacher would like to of words, he pours is would like to be him for 24 hours of heel fart insect.
The problem is a somebody else would not like to.
The Yan capital cities all allege the romantic affair of teacher now and say his one person Lan three beautiful, respectively is what surname wood, Xing Chen, Xing Tang's sister is 3 people, at that time took part in Ran winter night birthday party, many people all personally witness.Return many people to say he and Ran house this to the sisters also relate to closely, the Ran claps MV to still allow him to play winter night male leading role, 2 people have in the play a move people's heart of kiss a drama.Still have the other various edition of each kind to spread, anyway the romantic affair of teacher gets close to the Yan city in those early years directly and quickly one the United States man's leaf's spare time.
Ye Hu thinks that the teacher would not like to take oneself to go out, probably main reason is from is no longer a beauty.
Oneself is a handsome boy.Is this year handsome boy worthless?
Toward inside the car of see a mirror behind, leaf's tiger looking at he or she that black face exclamation way.
The leaf stands autumn at Su the street corner of the Hang toll station, after death follow handsome beautiful incomparable small white.Last night, he felt small so white to sleep in the car for a night.He because the in the mind packs too many matters, don't can sleep familiar.But small white but lie prone on his bosom to sleep very sedately, there is still on the face the smiling face of pure without blemish.
In addition to two Yas, afraid is a world to have no any further so clean and transparent as the infant's smiling face.
Looking at small white to smile, the leaf autumn felt that the in the mind is very delighted.She silently guards at she after death and so for several years, oneself for her guard an in the evening again how?
After the second day gets up, leaf the autumn make decision.After, he doesn't want small white to hide in the dark night again to kill people.He wants to make her bathe in the sun, the time ground and oneself stands together.
Even if she is to chase sword, is also chase dazzlingly clear, let a double-edged sword that people can not force to see.
The peacetime hardly comes out on daytime the small white of activity has a short moment of not orientation, but adapt to environment to be just a most simple technical ability to a cutthroat of peak.Is very quick, she then adapted to sunlight and other people ground view.Use oneself that is cold of almost have no feelings ground Qiao face, face the world of this confusion.
Long Nyu says.This is in the world in addition to seldom the person is a lot of shengs
In the world of small white.This is in the world in addition to leaf autumn, is all Sheng
He gives the first among his own life put on a smile, give oneself's name and surname(Xing Xiao, white), concern for oneself and respect.Have pity for for oneself more with go to under the existence of prop up.He is the absolute being that he guards.If he died, she only killed light he ground opponent, then oneself Xun buries an its Ling side.
This world, in addition to is a he, also have who can accept oneself monster like this?
Have no.Don't need as well.
From a distance, seeing one don't gram the car stopped down in the toll station.The autumn of the leaf depends straight in the body on the carriage.Say with a smile:"Leaf's house came."
Leaf's tiger also from afar saw a leaf for autumn, the full face concussion hesitated to want to get off a dozen of hello.Leaf's floating to sink has already been after death sinking a voice to say:"Beat a light."
Beat a light?This be not with come to the contact signal of of connecting their person?
Do two uncles make the person is a teacher?
Leaf's tiger didn't in time think so many, have already beaten two headlamp of getting offs according to two uncles' orders.The autumn of the leaf this just no longer hesitates.Towarding don't gram the car beat one weird signal, then signal hint car to follow their ground car forward the noodles walk.Wayside originally isn't the place for exchanging greeting.
The autumn of the leaf and small white opened their oneselfs ground car.Fore the noodles leads the way, the path keeps to drive toward the west mountain sanatorium.

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