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the expression isn't that warm and affectionate, be dressed in recreational shorts, dress up very is at will, Mo always Tai try very hard to want to approach a beauty, but the beauty has intention to not intentional of avert from him.
Mo Tai always sees Liao learn a soldier to eat a surprised, way old Liao just for follow Su ice cloud since then, in the heart to his idea of despising 1 F floor, sneer way:"So Qiao, teacher Liao, I go where you also go where, is really a limits of the earth where not and mutually meet."
Liao's learning a soldier is also oddness:"Is an unexpectedly small small the off the trail island is so noisy, Feng 1 class is rushed into, you incredibly also at, so many tourist attractions in the whole country, can't you arrive skiing in the north, don't want to come to south china sea take a sunbathe?"
Examined one be over yesterday, Mo always Tai fee exert tremendous amount of dint, invitation Su ice cloud spend a holiday, for sweeping something under the carpet, connect art the big match prepare and plan senior clerk, Sun Ping Hai, of set, music teacher Lyu Kai also together invites and specially chose so the place of the most romantic and intended to relate to with Su ice cloud to be more into some.They have been already arrived last night and rested the whole a night, is accompanying Su ice cloud to swim together.Completely is an unexpected happening, learn a soldier with Liao confrontation inevitable, the place not only playing is similar, hotel live, the floors are all similar.
"Our art big match's raising Wei will come out to play together and also make collective report toward you?"Mo the Tai is always about to take advantage of an opportunity sarcasm rival in love some kind of, old Liao has already no longer managed him and towards Su Bing Yun to say:"Teacher Su can run into you here, is strangely fits really in the life, the predestination for accomplishing in the sky, you is this going to swim?This can be not good, the outside the sun is very big, will chase a skin sunburn of, the outdoor air temperature is up to 36 degrees, generally in evening divide just someone go to surfing.We two years two class and three years 1 class all at, intend to wait for a second to eat seafood, open a party in the topic bar in the evening, you are also?"
At the moment old Liao's heart in is really pleasantly surprised, mature and gorgeous clock Di Di, beautiful and slender of Lin Su Xing, the Mu of Jiao disease permits blue fall, pure Anne purely pure, lovely of shell Xiao Dan, charming Li Xing Hua, cold gorgeous Su ice cloud, seven greatest beauty all on this island, if again add a Mu to permit ice rain, so can outstrip Wei Jue Ye, shoulder to shoulder Tang Jie Yuan, if even Tan Zi Qing also at of words, that can really be regarded as a sky underground, only I only-------The place of shortage that is unique is him till now, also canned once touch the Mu permit blue fall of the small hand BE.
"Open a party together with student, seem very good appearance."Su ice cloud be learned soldier's a few words spoken by Liao to say change original intention, " teacher Mo, at noon the sun so big, really be unsuited to proper swimming, rather we call last senior clerk, have fun together with them?"
"Teacher Liao not the activity of class, we also take part in, not that all right?Isn't equal to so, we go boating and go fishing."Mo Tai always sought to lend very palely.
"Is unimportant, three years 1 class is all the class that I teach, sees to Li Xing Hua at, this under will be very noisy."
Mo the Tai always really want to strangle to death Liao to learn a soldier, as if tip over a five flavours bottle in the heart, what tastes all could not feel, wry smile way:"Is all right, do they just start a party in the evening, we arrive an outside first to take a walk."
"It is all right."Old Liao Cun way:"Let in the evening you at Su big beauty's in front very good is ugly."
So many targets, first to which have operation?To old Liao, his choice is in fact little to be pitiful, clock Di the Di and Mao be held up by a group of flies, anxious start not get, the leaf jade tiger is pursuing shell Xiao Dan, he is ashamed to rob a girl with student, Mo always Tai this cow muck and then protect to spend emissary in the strong Chong, also temporarily have no an opportunity, small and blue fall and worry a person too much, not play, just finally leaves Li Xing Hua and Anne purely pure.
The bubble of"know both your opponent and yourself, ever victorious" taken orders to always instill toward the old president girl's principle, decide to press the soldier immobility first, investigate the clear target has lover, if have no of words, she like of again is what type of man.
Finally wanted to think, or found out Anne in week, the guy of this hard-working ability was helping the pass Mu cloud to tidy up bed, and then just at clock Di the room of the Di in so happy as to forget home and duty.

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