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When waiting old Liao to take out to inset silver iron box best cigar for packing one person to distribute is a , everyone's eyes are all big, pour isn't a strange and poor and envious teacher why like this good smoke, rich after all and ever lent him to once open guest benefit and sent a box of good smoke not is can hardly guess.Shocked is old Liao dare send a cigarette for student in the campus, big courage, insolent personality, really make people indecisive.
"Useless talk I not much said, last time tested you are how to cheats, 15110 poured out for me, I all went toward not to investigate, mid-term this time win coagulate me 28 the in the last yearses are all dreams, so admit of no to lose, who dare to drag along my hind legs me to play a life with him."Old Liao this time really takes out the tone of mafia eldest brother to talk, the tone Sen is cold to definitely cut off, outwardly send forth in fine threads and foul atmosphere.
Heel leaf the pass Mu of small white a day cloud also don't feel, but Cui government and leaf jade tiger feeling pressure greatly luckily:"The teacher is to fix CEO in the work, still the Ba lord in the sales clerk, the great king in the salesman?How to talk to have so vehemence ……"
At that moment close to open mouth first in Mu cloud and Li Yu, leaf jade tiger and Cui government have been already added, connect Su to fly a letting of Hong plan, the D 枊 calms down to expose the process that old Liao is attracted to the thigh to exert such as the tube-shaped container pour a bean and say white one by one.
"Mama of, leaf jade tiger you are this smelly boy, I still poured me to wronged you at that time and unexpectedly wrote answer with the chemistry method, if early knew for several days, don't live to split you can not."
"You if the words that are willing to learn some chemistry have already been free, also claim to be famous brand university graduate student, connect chemistries in the senior high school don't pass."The leaf jade tiger insolates a way.
"You understand what, I the industry Shu is good at, put all of the energies at the language on, naturally lazy must learn chemistry, go back to the subject, wait tomorrow examine, you severals lead everyone to do so, never be held tight by the examiner."
The leaf jade tiger shakes:"Not go, we called last time four wanted to examine an in database in the school database with the network, trace discovered to once have, this just be tried data.Examining the contents be not put in the computer of, having no topic then can not in advance work well preparation and even if cheat,BE not likely to succeed when the time comes."
"……"?Old Liao is getting more understand:"In the safe-deposit box to?Isn't Gao Kao again, this hides so strictly for guy and also let to make people live not?Feed, you actively order for me to always be like a dead human shape."
"Have what aggressive of ……" four students all absorbed an one breath, pass Mu cloud said:"Just encourage the classmates for the sake of the teacher, I just so say of, really lift not to rise what strength son."
Liao learns a soldier to order their names:"Leaf jade tiger, your boy at pursue shell Xiao Dan to, naturally I also know, didn't catch up, I miss your whole life nothing important opportunity probably, shell Xiao the taste of the Dan is very high, oneself is one to pursue romance and like a noisy girl again."
"Teacher, you are how can anyone know of?"The leaf jade tiger finally takes heart to ask a way.
"I have ever been to her house and do a house to visit, her father tells me shell Xiao Dan since the childhood very the dream went to the seaside, because working was too busy, allowed a promise with daughter for several years still don't carry out her wishes.You think, as long as cheating hard and test a good result, and shell Xiao the Dan wander about unhurriedly on the sandy beach together and looking at west to feel setting sun, she to you still not ……H'm?Are you understand?"
The leaf jade tiger also recalls at first a head while mentioning in classroom that the sea beach spends a holiday the shell Xiao Dan jumps like sparrows of facial expression, also very expect in the heart, can not control feelings to associate a young girl in heart, he takes a stroll the situation of sea beach together.
"Cui government moves what idea?Intend in the day off hotel and the total degree of Wu Chun Xing and tie up Mian for a night, old Liao lend°s some money you to buy three absolute being oils try."
Cui government Cui one mouthful:"Who take care of that mean person."But and leaf the jade tiger is similar, think of to settle pure Anne purely pure.
Old Liao the Cha Yan view color, see him naturally the absolute being go toward, the heart knows this guy to have been already moved and says with smile:"For carrying out your dreams and making great effort, the life is once unique of first love, decade after recall can also clap breast to loudly say to once own."

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