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The Mu permits ice rain to finish listenning to his words making a firm decision:"To not implicate everyone, I decide to withdraw a circle of singers."
Liao learns a soldier strange way:"How?Doesn't 《maple bridge 》 clap?I am to have been dreaming of to be leading role of."
The Mu permits an ice rain gloomy way:"Can temporarily put off, sorry, have been wanting to help yours."
Liao learns a soldier light on smiling, pour empty cup to button up in the table's top:"If this drama can a little bit increase a drama for kissing of several ten minuteses, bed drama, I will consider three to play.The Lao is total, at the latest tomorrow evening, Ji text's livinging will make a phone call you apologize of, we continued again at that time the problem of discussing the plot."
"Liao learns a soldier, you didn't want to be innocent, the Ji text livinged he how may?"
Liao learns a soldier to draw back a chair, "I return to have a class first, if you isn't happy, go to school and seek me, I can lend you shoulder to depend to depend."
He didn't return to school, but found out a south younger brother by the speed of the light, south the younger brother make collective report to say on that evening they bought device, Yan Mei and one-eyed person took up behind until haven't come back now, however the fourth hour is sent back to mean temporary safe intelligence report at a time with the message.
The words that listenned to Mo Lao Wu yesterday had some to disagree and just sought bureau chief Yan to slightly set out.Unexpectedly the Ji text livings appetite such of heavy, even didn't lead for 24 hours, immediately beginning of no time for waiting, he permits ice rain to the Mu stills to really intends to obtain.
Yesterday of, Liao learned a soldier to still still feel that the Mu permits ice rain to be just a woman of doesn't matter, but just she gloomily says:"I just miss you ……" old Liao was getting more shocked at that time, mental unbalance, the heart started to be suffused with ripple, the color heart greatly had, five Pengs handed over miscellaneous, became isn't a taste.Leaves the last mind:"Lao Tze wants of woman, how permit your Ji text to give birth to a little crafty pimp to move a mind?"
The activity location that asked an intelligence bureau bureau chief in detail just a little feels at ease and borrow° from younger brother of south the motorcycle and returned to a home to turn over a box to pour a cabinet and found out a take the key of serial number, urgent rush through the north city train station again.
The traveller is few, mendicant or leave mendicant are ander the rise than them.Don't stop to roll over to broadcast car time and station to order on the big screen, the soft female voice is also reminding a traveller attention safety.
Liao learns a soldier to find out serial number 188 of keep a thing cabinet, dark lock all some become rusty, foot's hasing three years had never opened this cupboard, a men also beside open a cupboard a little bit pure product, he suspiciously saw old Liao's one eye and silently got the cupboard Yan strict a little bit more solid.
Keep a trip bag that doesn't calculate too big black in the thing cabinet, the bag is very heavy, old Liao tooks and then walks, after that man of say nearby:"You never hide marijuana here again.Otherwise I will kill yours."
That man is found a trick, palm a turn over a bright spring coil penknife, Nu way:"His Niang of, do you seek dead?"Up and down saw Liao learn soldier's one eye and see inside similar thing in his hand, suddenly the facial expression greatly changes and starts to grasp to keep the thing in the thing cabinet to protect a leg to run.
The waiting room inside a ground that takes Niang son middle age the big Shen is soft to depend a withered chair last nap, side is a big quite a few bag baggage, return Zuan in hand a protect small handbag.Have a thief the person of the eyebrow oxygen rat or so four see, silently close to, take a razor, stretch very dirty handbag toward that epidermis.
"Is a snake regiment again ground person?"Old Liao's 32 across to come forward.The hair that holds tight that petty thief hereafter on taking, petty thief Yang then pours behind, the finger doesn't listen to order and rows oneself's thigh one knife.The momentary blood is long to flow.
The petty thief turns over a body to start to jump, bad mercilessly say:"The old boy dares to involve in other's business, don't know the snake here site?"Say after death three equally brutish persons has already rounded to come up, everyone hand inside a Shan wears cold not sharp penknife, seeing the appearance has to teach old Liao, here the waiting room occasionally also has the public security police to patrol, but they are openly defiant act, a not afraid cause trouble geography Tai.

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