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"The classmates appreciate your concern to me, in fact I get to school a painting for the sake of the study of, my individual likes to paint very much, what oil painting, water powder draws, cartoon, I like.I the later meeting usually come to tulip senior high school, hoping everyone is similar to me, hereafter can often together communicate."
"Hua!"The student hands over a head to connect an ear, discussion in succession and even already someone devote to be an artist of greatness, a greatly help boys all is deciding heart:"My meeting of, I will definitely do the painting skill to the skilled situation and please ice Ms. Yu to advise."
The Mu permits ice rain ha ha smile to wave hand:"Everyone must make great effort, I next week will check your painting achievements."
"My meeting of!""I have already decided to throw in the life of rest to be among the art business."
Liao learns a full head of soldier big sweat:"If let star to be a teacher, the effect may want to compare anyones all well, these students seem to be the fanatical member of religion now, for the sake of the ideal in their heart, what can pay."
The Mu permits ice rain to know into back of proper restraint, make reference to this degree and then no longer instigate emotion, by a happy chance Chiu is heavy strange to be sought the public security bombs the students to walk, she makes the soldier together see work at the film studio with her.
Liao's learning a soldier has already canned not found to push to take off of lend, have to heel educational administration director the temple Lin ask for leave.The old woman isn't very happy:"Although your private affairs I am beyond the power to care, just an invited so many leaves month time, if student were wrong, you would have to be responsible for all responsibilities."
Film studio at city east of inside the new development area, transportation then, the facilities is biggest well-found, cover area, it is said that at the beginning while taking the examination and approval got very big Fu under, see the city hall spend to annoy to hold to amuse industry very strongly.
Mu the permitting ice rain learn a soldier to explain in detail the process of taking the film producer in detail to Liao all the way:She is to sing and be from, to this line of in fact not that professional, only"sing but excellent then play, play but excellent then sing" is the common failing of show biz, she how that thousands FANS is, if the company doesn't know and make use of too regrettable.
The movie that they take is called 《maple bridge 》 , an out and out of romantic movie, story line and 《the gallery bridge looses dream 》 about, only male the leading role change into a leading lady.The scene becomes to°from the country a city, the identity changes to°from the photographer a reporter.Certainly as different as chalk and cheese in the confidence on the detail, more concrete vivid have generation into the feeling.
In the story Mu's permitting ice rain is a tour reporter of news agency, time is very at will.The head quarter bums in each city of whole country and look for some have a liking for to not bad place, record down with the vivid literature.She got to an unfamiliar city, then met by chance a romantic man this time, 2 people magnificent and victoriously loved each other, and the end broke up.In fine speak of to a mild pole, but shoot a movie be not so return to matter, they will make use of various skill, for example background music.Shear to connect to cut over a lens, stage dialogue, side white, supporting roles, let this drama look grieved tie up Mian, let the audience enjoy in retrospect endless.
Mu's permitting ice rain to explain in detail ability is farer lousy than her Yuan if the singing of sounds of nature makes reference to half head quarters to change into another place very suddenly, luckily old Liao not the Kui is to once read a great deal of ancient text, even those phrases sentence that living Pi also ability gifted with photographic memory, Mu permits ice rain to just say a first half sentence, his Bian right away can guess behind the meaning of the half sentence, 2 people communicate to have no to jam.
What to clap is an outdoor scene today, the male leading role seeks a work in the etc. head alone----This is their love that is reasonable to set off of ordinary and great.(the Mu permits the explanation phrase of ice rain)
At a very common 80's old street up, there are the pedestrian to is sparse to fall and vehicle, there is the fatty cat that the lazy ocean ocean checks the sun, there is the stray dog to look for food in the corner, also have take the sun umbrella by the side of the street leisurely and carefree drink tea of people.The all these looks very be like in the afternoon, in fact at the moment but is a morning, because the reasonable usage of scene and lens, as long as delivering in the silver screen,

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