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What is an Ultrasound Machine?

These are a non invasive way to provide valuable details compared to traditional tools and diagnosis techniques. The applications of these machines are numerous and are used for obstetrics, echocardiography and biopsy very commonly.

Use in Obstetrics:

Invaluable information can be got with the help of these machines about a woman鈥檚 pregnancy and the growth of the baby. By the ultrasound scanning of the uterus one can view the current position, gender and condition of the baby. Such a procedure can identify the date of conception and ensure the healthy development of the fetus. Through detailed scanning one can detect abnormalities in the fetus if any and the doctor can take all necessary steps for its treatment. This machine is absolutely imperative in the procedure of amniocentesis where a needle is inserted to extract amniotic fluid for analysis. Besides it is an effective tool for identifying the general health of the baby cheap air max 90 , position of the placenta, ectopic pregnancy, potential miscarriage as well as early fetal death..


This a special type of ultrasound machine for checking the heart. Congenital heart diseases are detected with the help of these machines. This may include complications in the large heart vessels, clots in the heart chambers cheap nike air max shoes , heart muscle damage or enlargement or cardiomyopathy and pericarditis or inflammation of the pericardium. By using echocardiography one can identify the disorders in the heart valves. The velocity through the heart can be measured indirectly using Doppler echocardiography. Malfunctioning valves can be detected with it.

The functions of this procedure depend on the organ to be diagnosed and the patient as well. It is very simple and quick and does not need any special preparations. Nowadays it is also being used in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Cancer treatment.

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Learn to give a great acceptance speech, right from the ace of public speaking!
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This is why it is necessary to understand and learn how to give a great acceptance speech. A great acceptance speech creates the perfect finale to the award. If the award is the crowning glory of your achievements that has led to your being awarded, the acceptance speech is the icing on the cake that seals the occasion.
Yet cheap nike air max , despite the many remarkable things people achieve leading to an award, many are kind of jittery about making the acceptance speech. Speaking on a public platform may make some people uncomfortable. Others could get overawed by the occasion, and yet others could be shy in front of the camera.
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