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Recently the US Military has developed a special set of sensors for water supplies for troops. Any time a base camp is set up it is important to monitor the water supplies and test them. You cannot simply test them when you arrive you need constant monitoring so that insurgents or enemies do not pollute the water or put poison in it. The three most common pathogens of water supplies are; Vibrio Cholerae Sam Gagner Jersey , e. Coli and Giardia intestinalis and believe me you don't want any in your drinking water.

Two companies; Phase IV Engineering and Sporian Microsystems both in Boulder Colorado have developed a bio-sensor system which is RFID based. The device, which floats is connected to a Radio Frequency antenna and it is attached to a sensor housing which is submerged which is also connected to an anchor line. These water sensors can detect pollutants up to 1 part per million.

I propose these be used in the United States to protect our rivers and lakes Markus Granlund Jersey , which contain drinking water. It is also important to have them in our wetlands and areas such as the Bayous in Louisiana and the everglades in Florida. Now then let us look at the efforts of the WHO, UN and World Bank; can we put these in third world nations to prevent waterborne diseases which kill millions of humans annually? If we can get the costs down significantly thru mass buying and economies of scale we are well on our way to eliminating the horrible issues that expanding populations in the third world face from polluted water and waterborne pathogens. As we see more severe and severe droughts in the world we will need to address these issues. We know have technology ready to be transferred thanks to our military expenditures thru DARPA.

We must continue to fund such research and boost such budgets of DARPA so that all of mankind can benefit in the offshoot transfer technologies. Think on this Mike Smith Jersey , something must be done.

These acne remedy choices below are mainly found in the kitchen while a few are found easily for purchase at a health food store or local grocery.

Almost everyone has had some sort of acne breakout before. It can be a frustrating thing to deal with especially in how you choose to treat it. Most individuals will waste money on the new products out on the market as a way to clear the acne and have beautiful skin. They pay high prices for a product that might not work at all. It is best to consider the home remedies first because they cost almost nothing and do not have the side effects the over the counter choices do. These six choices below are mainly found in the kitchen while a few are found easily for purchase at a health food store.

Acne Remedy #1: Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of those items you can use in the home for many purposes, acne treatment included. It is a great alternative to use for an exfoliate. Baking soda removes the dead skin cells and assists in unclogging the pores at the same time. Mix a tiny amount of water with the baking soda and create a paste. Massage the paste on the skin and let on for about ten seconds. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Acne Remedy #2: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the common ingredients used at home to clear acne. It helps to kill the bacteria that cause acne and helps to balance the skins PH level. The vinegar will also absorb the oils on the skin. To use the apple cider vinegar Darnell Nurse Jersey , simply dilute a cup of the vinegar in about eight cups of water. Store in a glass container. When ready to use, apply the vinegar solution to the skin with a cotton ball. Let the solution sit on the face for about ten minutes and rinse.

Acne Remedy #3: Lemons And Limes

The juice from lemons and limes can be used to clear acne breakouts. The citric acid in the fruit is what is essential. These two citric fruits will also stop the spread of infections that cause acne. Rub it on the face where the breakouts have occurred.

Acne Remedy #4: Egg Whites

This powerful choice for acne fighting is rich in protein and will rejuvenate the skin. When the skin is able to rejuvenate itself Adam Larsson Jersey , the acne areas will be repaired. It will also take out the excess oil in the skin.

Acne Remedy #5: Oatmeal

This food item also takes the excess oil from the skin and takes the impurities out of the clogged pores. The oatmeal needs to be cooked regularly and allowed to cool to a warm temperature. Apply to the acne. Let it stay for a few minutes. Remove the oatmeal before it begins to dry. If this is done on a regular basis, positive results will be seen within a few weeks.

Acne Remedy #6: Tea Tree Oil

This is the most widely used essential oil because of its ability to work as an antiseptic. It can be diluted with some jojoba oil and applied just to the acne areas to kill bacteria. A Tea Tree Gel can be used on the entire face.

Trends are a more complicated thing than most people think. They can come from a variety of locations. Some of these can seem to rise from nowhere. And others come from a rising need for something. cheap hermes bags This is a more practical method Kris Russell Jersey , but just as common. One of these trends that has become very popular from a practical need for them is the messenger bag. For college students, something to carry books in as they travel from class to class is very essential. Yes Wayne Gretzky Jersey , a backpack would work, but for many college students Connor McDavid Jersey , this style is just a little too juvenile. So, instead Leon Draisaitl Jersey , many college students opt for the messenger bag.

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